Self-Approved; A Guide for Authentic and Purposeful Living!

As women, we often see what’s wrong, what we don’t have and everything we’re not. It’s time to change our perspective and see everything that’s right! To love who we are and appreciate what we do have, and stop trying to be who we are not. Scrape the negativity off your thinking and build the confidence to cut through layers of fear and doubt. No, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through – you can live an authentic and purposeful life and #SelfApproved book will support you in the journey!

About the Book!

#SelfApproved provides practical and easy-to-follow steps that guide you to internal healing, ushered through Self-awareness, Self-acceptance, and Self-approval. Push low self-esteem and fear aside to Fall in Love with the woman you were created to be! Do life the way you intended! See yourself through God’s eyes and release dependence on others to affirm you. Find within yourself what you cannot find outside of yourself. Celebrate everything unique about you. Get started and take a deep dive into the pages of this book. Each chapter with its unique set of lessons, build upon each other and supports you in moving forward with intention and purpose. Become an expert in the principles of Authentic and Purposeful Living.

About the Author!

Necie Black was born in Los Angeles, California. The third eldest of eight children, she shared the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings and quickly learned to lead and resolve conflict. She excelled in school and despite becoming a teenage mom, Necie persevered and began a journey of manifesting her best and most authentic self every day. After more than 27 years in corporate America, she founded Lyfe Smarts LLC., a coaching, training and relationship building platform. Her passion is sharing strategies with individuals and organizational teams that cultivate stronger relationships and create synergy, in and out of the workplace. To honor her passion, she became a self-published author, releasing Self-Approved; A Guide for Authentic and Purposeful Living in 2017 and a follow-up Affirmations in Action journal in 2018.

Success is contingent upon constant and intentional growth. Necie follows this mantra and invests herself. She is a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach, Optimal Performance Facilitator, People Acuity Specialist™, a Master Coach. Necie holds a Master’s in Business and serves her community as Vice-Chairwoman with Dress for Success, Oklahoma City, a non-profit organization providing a network of support, professional attire, and tools to help women thrive in work and life. She lives in Oklahoma City with husband Michael.  Follow @NecieBlack on Social Media:   Twitter        Facebook        LinkedIn         Instagram

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Are you Ready to Share YOUR story but don’t know where to start, or how? Are you unsure of how to frame and articulate your experiences in a way that reflects your heart? Necie has been Project Coordinator in eight Amazon best-selling anthologies, guiding co-authors in writing their chapters with passion and authenticity. Due to her gift of curiosity and learning behind-the-scene hacks of publishing, she now helps aspiring authors write their own non-fiction books. She’s an expert in behind-the-scene hacks of book collaborations, story-coaching and writing from Mind Map to Manuscript. Let your story inspire and impact others for generations! Necie will walk with you along the author ath that’s right for you.

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